About Busy Miss Emma Gale

Hey there,

My name is Emma Gale, I work for the NHS as a Project Manager, I am a singer and sing in a band called Galeforce (www.galeforce2.co.uk). I am in the second year of a second Masters degree. The first degree was in Health Informatics at Swansea University in Wales and the songwriting Masters degree is Bath Spa. I am finalising an application for a PhD with Birmingham City University. I really wish and need another few days in my week.

In 2013 I rediscovered an old hobby and have started to make clothes again. Something was stirred inside. I thought that it would be interesting if I wrote a blog. Maybe for me maybe for anyone who would be interested in reading it. I started writing it but my life took over and so it hast been a bit spare recently.

At the time, I wrote “I wonder how often I will have time to keep this up but the intention is to have some really interesting posts over the coming years”. In reality not many. But I have good intentions!

I have recently lost one of my gorgeous labradoodles and am going to be sponsored to lose weight. The money is going to go the Doodle Trust. Here is my page: . I am going to try and document my weightloss journey

My friends and associates are amazed at how much I manage to do with my life. Well fasten your seatbelts and get ready to ride!

Here comes the life of Busy Miss!

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