Back at Brize

It’s strange to be back at Brize. Last time I was flying into the unknown; this time I know what to expect and it’s a mixture of pure excitement and sadness.

I said goodbye to Lily today. Yes I properly said goodbye. I know it sounds like I am being over dramatic. I’m really not. Just prepared. 7 weeks is a long time in a dog’s lifetime and she’s not as steady as she used to be. She’s very happy and she’s always wagging her tail and she is reasonably fit for her age but she’s old and she’s smelly (she’s not that smelly that’s just what we say). She is pretty amazing really for her age, she’s 15 in May and really doesn’t look it.

Lily can also tell the time. She is constantly telling us what time it is; ‘Treat Time’.

But, I have noticed she’s getting very thin now and she coughs quite a bit. I think she probably has something going on in her lungs. Pete says she will be fine and of course I really hope she is, but I have a feeling. I really hope he proves me wrong.

I do feel sad but the one thing that I am holding on to is that we thought she was going to leave us when she had cancer in November 2018 and she’s still here so I am so very thankful for the extra time we have had with her. She has been an absolutely wonderful dog; the best. She looks into my soul! She also gets the most mentions in the Air BnB reviews!

So back to Back at Brize. I love co-incidences they life seems to throw. I seem to have had a few lately. Maybe I just look for the links. Pete and I were finishing our meal in a small pub near to Brize Norton when my landlord in the Falklands passed our table. Ok so it’s fair to say that there is a chance that other people would be eating on the way to the airport, but totally unexpected. The last one was when I was in Johannesburg at the luggage reclaim when a lady came up to me and asked me if I had been to the Falklands before. She recognised me! Now that I thought was a major co-incidence. I have a friend who I have had a few co-incidences. One of them was when was in a table having breakfast and I was chatting to the persons ex-girlfriend for 30 years before. She didn’t live in the area any more, it was in a hotel out in the middle of nowhere and I was actually seeing him that day. I love co-incidence.

So I do have a very exciting time ahead over the next 7 weeks. I’m going back to the scene of the crime. My ankle is much better despite it hurting a great deal today. I think the diving we did over Christmas really helped. This time it’s summer and I’m determined to keep my feet safely on the ground and I am really quite excited to see what the Falklands has to offer.

I have a brand new camera (my camera got taken on the way home from the Falklands last time) and I have my watercolour paints. So I am planning some creative downtime. I am going to spend the time learning how to use my camera, take some pictures of the wonderful wildlife and then paint them. That’s if I get time away from the laptop 👩‍💻

There is also a brand new cinema next to my little house so I can’t wait to go to the movies.

The flight seems to be full tonight, there are so many more people here than there were last year. I have got seat 1A, so I’m feeling lucky.

We’re flying at midnight, first stop Cape Verde!

4 thoughts on “Back at Brize

  1. Great to see you back here Emm. Wishing you a great flight and sending lots of love to Lily. Can’t wait to hear your new adventures xxx

  2. Hope you have a wonderful time back in the Falklands. Emma you are amazing! Is there anything you can’t do? You are such an inspiration to get off my bottom and do more. Lots of love Sally and Muttley xx

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