Why don’t you come on over Valerie

I was due to fly home today but we had some unexpected work which means that I need to stay for another week. The first two weeks have flown by. I think mainly because we have been working from 8am to 10pm most days. Thankfully by putting in those extra hours meant that we were leaving closer to 6pm by the middle of this week.

I have been so busy and tired that I’ve not been able to keep up with my blog. I am hoping to get out and about a little more this weekend to see some of the island and be able to describe a little more about what life is like here on St Helena. It’s a wonderful place here and despite being tired it’s been a fantastic experience.

Damian has left this morning, he will be arriving back into the UK on Monday. We had a great night last night and were both feeling a little ‘delicate’ this morning. I am delighted to say that I got to sing with the band and what a fantastic band they are. I sang at a place called the Mule Yard and it is exactly that, it’s down by the harbour and at one time or another was the yard where donkeys lived. It’s now a ‘venue’ that is popular on Friday evenings by the locals and contractors alike. You can pick up a pizza at a small pizza cabin called Get Carters. I met a whole crowd of really lovely people and I can absolutely see the attraction of living and working on St Helena. Everyone is so welcoming here.

The Mule Yard has a covered dance area with a bar and a stage, a portacabin which is fondly nicknamed the band room. You know why when you open the door. It’s full to the brim with instruments, PA speakers, cables, mic stands. Everything you need for a brilliant gig! It’s a musicians dream.

So with a full to the brim band room, wonderful venue, fantastic band and a waiting audience, all you need is a great singer who can remember her lyrics! OOops! Ok so in my defence I haven’t gigged regularly for at least a year and it takes practice to remember lyrics. Unfortunately my lyric app was not working properly (actually this morning discovered that it was probably the wine and ‘Shipwrecks’ that I was drinking that was the purpose of the ‘app not working properly’ and the app was actually working fine). Although I ‘think’ I got away with my rendition of Valerie, I sang the same verse three times on Freefallin, Rolling in the Deep and Sweet Home Alabama! Doh!!Thankfully I sang the right verse in the right song – that was at least a bonus! Anyway the band were absolutely amazing, we’re extremely forgiving and I absolutely loved every second of it up there. So that’s what counts right? Maybe I will get a chance to redeem myself before I get home.

Now I’m all alone – everyone has left me. I can hear those tiny violins playing.

We have spent the week having breakfast with Vince and Fu-Yuan from Michigan and their travelling companion KT from Texas. What a wonderful bunch of people they are and I am going to miss them all very much. Each morning at breakfast, we would discuss the differences between living in the UK and the US, UK and US politics, movies we had seen and enjoyed, books we had read. Vince has an Italian heritage and was fascinated with Napoleon and his life on the island. We would hear about their daily travels and Damian was giving Vince and KT lessons in the rules and regulations of cricket and Rugby. To the extent that one morning Damian demonstrated the construction of a scrum! Fascinating stuff – I didn’t realise the ‘scrum’ had a specific format and was so technical!

So it’s been a really good couple of weeks, although still quite a lot still to do, we are in a good place. Im looking forward to discovering what this week will bring.

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