Dive, Dive, Dive

So we had a great journey from London to Johannesburg yesterday. It wasn’t the most comfortable of flights because our seats were bang smack in the middle of a centre bank of four.

I watched the newly released film Yesterday and half of Solo from the Star Wars franchise. Yesterday is the film about a global electrical charge which results in the Beatles being wiped from everyone’s memories (well almost everyone). A struggling singer/songwriter takes this as an opportunity to boost his career. Imagine the whole world not knowing any of the Beatles songs. Imagine….. can you see what I did there? It was a really good concept and made for some really good twists and turns and was very funny in places. It was a British made film with a cast of quality actors and Ed Sheeren playing a cameo. He was pretty good too! The story was a little confusing toward the end but that could be because I was tired. I will certainly watch it again. On the whole a really enjoyable film.

I tried to get some sleep but it wasn’t easy and drifted in and out. I do long for the day when I can afford to fly business. There you go that is my mark in the sand right there. I will have ‘made it’ when I can afford to fly business 😂

We were about half an hour late on arrival and our hotel was a short walk away. I completely forgot about check in time which would be later in the afternoon and so Damo and I sat in the hotel reception trying to keep from sprawling out on the sofas and sleeping right there and then. We only had to wait for about 3 hours!

After a short shop in Woolworths (yes Woolies is alive and well in South Africa) and a snooze we met in the bar to finish some work and have some dinner!

We were standing in the check-in queue this morning when I spotted ‘Dive, Dive, Dive – Dive St Helena’ on the back of a chaps T-shirt. ‘OMG Damian can we go diving in St Helena?’ ‘No not really, you have to be Padi certified? ‘Have Padi? I am a Padi Rescue Diver’, I did point out to Damian shortly afterwards that I don’t really claim to be a rescue diver but i have passed it and it is an indication of the numerous Padi courses I have completed. So then Damo called Anthony the diving instructor over and we have made arrangements to get in touch when we are on island to see if we can fit some diving in. I did say that Pete may be just a little bit jealous!

I am now on a mission to get Damo into a wetsuit and out in the water on a try dive! I am certain he will love it. Anthony did say good luck with persuading him though.

So we are now waiting by gate A23 to see whether or not our flight will be leaving. Flights to St Helena are regularly delayed due to the inconsistent weather pattens and strong winds. I have heard that the landing can be quite an exciting experience. Not sure I’m too enamoured by that thought but there’s no turning back now! Damo also thinks he is a jinx in that every time he has traveled to St Helena, he has had considerable delays – once by a week!

If Damo is a jinx, I will stop encouraging him to come diving!

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