Everyone’s looking for their big break!k

I was worried what I would say when I woke up from the anaesthetic and I told them before I went to sleep ‘I cannot be held responsible for what I say from now on’. It’s not unusual to be worried apparently because some people are cryers, some feel really groggy, some tell everyone that they love them. I’d have put money on that definitely being my wake up statement! What I actually said was that was an amazing dream but I can’t remember it, that I remember being really jealous as a child of never having a cast like my friends and that I would definitely be giving them all a 5 star review. Oh and when can they sign it? They can’t unfortunately!

So that’s been my weekend and my Falklands dream has been cut short!

In my head I had been planning the content for a May Ball post because I went to The Falklands May Ball on Friday night. It was wonderful and like nothing I had ever seen in the flesh before. Very much like an American prom that you would see on a TV film. The theme was space because it was 50 years since the first lunar landing. The hall twinkled with fairly lights had Falklands and UK flags adorning the walls. I spent the evening watching the girls in their beautiful dresses and the boys in their Daniel Craig suits. What surprised me the most was that it was all about the dancing, the main hall was dry and there was a small bar off to one side of the entrance. The bar was not the focal point of the evening which was lovely to see and very surprised to see that the hall was full all evening.

I had arranged to go to the second ball on Saturday night but I was also desperate to see a live band and there was one playing at the Trough. This is a small venue just out of town where they hold gigs. When I found out that there was live music on and it would be last chance before people were off on their holidays to grab some of the UK summer, I decided I had to go. If I spoke nicely to the band they may also let me have a song :). I had originally planned to go on my own jump in a taxi and come back a little later to the Family Ball. During the day I met a lovely lady who said she would like to go too and she said that she would give me a lift.

So we ended up meeting at 8 and driving up to the Trough. The Trough is a cool venue. It has a stage level with the audience to the far end of the main hall. Really good set up and in-house PA. A small bar area in the corner a dance floor and picnic bench seating all around. When I arrived the owner greeted me and said that her sister had told me that I was a singer and to have a chat with the band. A little later I did but the band that usually had people jumping in with them was a different band. This band ‘Phenomenal Toxic Lemons’ were playing their second gig and they had been rehearsing their set all day. If I could find a song on their set then they would be happy for me to sing. There were one or two that I probably could have done but I realised at that point despite it being cool to be able to tick off ‘Emma Gale Live at The Falklands’ I needed to let them be. It really can be an absolute nightmare when you get some random person rocking up and asking for a song. Especially as it was their second gig. They would be really concerned about getting their set right and didn’t need me muscling in on the act. So despite me wishing I was up there, we had a great couple of hours they were a brilliant band and played a lot of popular pub rock songs and played them well. Great evening!

So that’s when the fun started! It was about 10.45 and time to go to see the dancing at the Town Hall. I went to the loo and found my coat. As we left the venue there were a few people at the bottom of the three wooden steps. Just three. You can see where I am going with this now can’t you!!

Now I have been suffering with my knees for a while. A year or so ago every step up and step down was painful. I am sure it was down to being too heavy and I have been making a real effort to walk more. This has very much improved the pain and I am nearly pain free but I am still very careful when walking up and down steps. Especially going down. Because of this I remember the next few seconds with perfect clarity and I have been going over and over this in my head quite a lot.

I executed the first step perfectly. Carefully stepped on the second and at all times holding on to the hand rail. It was dark so I could be forgiven for taking my time. As I stepped on the third, I lost my footing and slipped and that was it, I was over. Why is it as well that when you do that sort of thing, there is a crowd watching you! So Emma Gale Live At The Trough – my dream came true!

I then had a million people around me making sure I was ok. I knew I wasn’t – I am sure I heard a break and my ankle was killing me.

The police are the first to turn up when an ambulance is called. It’s standard policy. So a few minutes later I had a lovely policeman cradling me from behind telling me it was ok to swear as much as I wanted and the ambulance wouldn’t be long. I didn’t feel the need to swear actually. I knew the process of the ambulance because I had been through it with the Lead Nurse in A&E. There isn’t a need to have the department fully staffed so in the event of an emergency, the driver is called (they don’t have paramedics) and he picks up the nurse on the way to the scene.

So you can imagine my delight and embarrassment when it was my friend who jumped out of the ambulance when it arrived a few minutes later.

So that’s why I have just woken up from my second night in the hospital. I have been told on a few occasions that I am really going above and beyond duty testing out the hospital processes. Yesterday I went through a process of manipulation where you are sedated and they squeeze the bones back into place and put a temporary cast on. They don’t have orthopaedic surgeons here so I have to have surgery when I get home. I have also been told not to worry about the project and to get my foot fixed first. When I asked the surgeon now that my foot is stable could I not just stay like this, work from the ward and have the pins put in my feet when the project is over. That is a really bad idea apparently!

So I am now going to be trying out the Medical Evacuation process – thank God for insurance! I should be on a plane heading for Brize in the morning. Then off to Dorchester County Hospital for metal work!

I remain positive and there is a bonus at least I get to see Pete and Lily earlier than planned. I am just really upset that one of the first words to my new project team was that I promise I am not going anywhere until the system is in!

6 thoughts on “Everyone’s looking for their big break!k

  1. Oh no! What an evening, hope you’re soon feeling better and the transfer and operation go well. What a shame and you were having such an amazing time. At least you can say you’ve trialled a few things. Lots of love xxx💝

  2. Oh no Em what a nightmare 😢😢
    I really hope you’re feeling a tad better today and positive about the next phase 🤞🤞🤞😘😘😘

  3. I’m really sorry to hear about your accident Em. Hopefully you’ll be back soon to finish the project. You really do tell a good story you know!!

  4. Oh dear! When I heard the news on Sunday morning I did think you’re going to extreme lengths to test the service! Hope you recover quickly and maybe we’ll get to see you again later in the project! Sad we didn’t get to meet when you were here.

    • Hi Lesley, I know. I was really frustrated about leaving but obviously I didn’t have a choice. The hospital are being lovely to me though and I hope as long as recovery is good, they are going to wait for me to finish phase 2. So could be back in August. I hope to meet you then :). Thank you for your support!

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